Friday, April 13, 2012


4 rounds
50 Jump & Touch
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

3 rounds
20 Chest Press @ 45#
15 Dips
15 Deadlift @ 65#
15 Knees to Elbows

Day 23 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Bedtime Yoga

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Burpee Broad Jumps across gym
10 sit ups
" " " " "
15 Windmills
" " " " "
10 Should Push Ups

Pull Ups
400m Run

Day 20 of 30 day Yoga Journey


Day 21 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Energizing Morning Routine


Day 20 of 30 day Yoga Journey


Day 19 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Vinyasa Yoga

Friday, April 6, 2012


3 Rounds (partner)
Burpee to Box Jump (10x's)
10 Pull ups (black band)
Push Press until partner is complete (#55)
(12, 16, 16)

3 rounds (partner)
Snatch @ #20DB (10/arm)
DB Squat Rotation @ #20DB (10/side)
Row until partner is complete

Day 18 of 30 day Yoga Journey
@home Restorative Yoga

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The end of my 27th year...

I don't normally write anything here, not that I have any readers anyway :). I keep this as a way to remember the workouts I've made up and to keep a log of my fitness, but since I'm in need of a therapeutic outlet, I thought I'd give it a go. So, here's to end the of my 27th year. It's a long one plus it's a bit sad, so if I happen to have any readers, you've been warned.

March started out sunny and optimistic. I even tweeted about it.

It was my birthday month, the beginning of longer days, a new month at my new CrossFit box, and the premier of Hunger Games...which meant a nice date night with my husband. I was looking forward to a month of good stuff. You see, just a few weeks before, I had POAS and saw that faint pink line. That mysterious 2nd line; the one you begin to think doesn't exist when you're TTC. But, then one day it appears, and it's amazing, crap-your-pants exciting, exhilarating, and scary. I ran down the stairs, stick in hand, and shakily announced to my Husband, "I'm Pregnant." We work, it worked, and it's crazy!

yes, I took a million test. yes, that is unnecessary.

And, so begins the roller coaster ride that was March 1st thru March 13th.

I headed into work on Friday, March 1st excited knowing that I would leave that day to see our baby growing inside me. My boss called a mid-afternoon meeting before my departure, and let me know that my sales numbers were down. I had 3 options, all of which ultimately ended in me leaving the company w/no back-up plan. I had seen it coming and my feelings on my job, career path, and situation could take up several posts in itself. So, I will save that for another time. My saving grace for that day was that I was going to see my baby.

But, they saw only a sac, no baby and no heart beat. The Sonographer actually said I was '5 minutes pregnant'. We left with our hearts in our stomachs and with a million questions. Is this normal? Did I ovulate late? Why am I measuring 5 weeks if I should be 8? The weekend was long.

I started bleeding on Monday and they scheduled me for a 2nd u/s. Even with the spotting, I had a good feeling about this one and felt at ease. I knew we'd see something and we did, for which I will forever be thankful. My only regret and sadness, is that my Husband could not come.

it's tiny heart was beating and it could be seen

The spotting continued over the next week. It got heavier and I started cramping. I was worried. I was anxious. I called the Dr. They suggested I go to the ER. I did. I got my levels tested. They dropped. I had a sonogram and my husband stared at a blank sac. My midwife called and the nurse handed me the phone. I laid in the hospital bed hoping she'd deliver good news, but it never came. I knew the second I heard the tone in her voice. "There's no baby and no heartbeat...I'm so sorry...levels have dropped...D&C...miscarriage." I forgot to breathe. My blood pressure dropped, my heart rate plummeted, I couldn't hear or see. I was on the verge of consciousness thinking "Is this really happening?". I guess I regained consciousness, but tried not to grasp reality. We came home defeated and powerless.

I woke up Monday morning jobless and babyless. The walls were caving in and I was in a state of shock. I emotionally vomited and diarrhead on my friends, family, and husband. Maybe if I just keep saying it out loud I'll believe it...and, overcome it eventually. Thank you to anyone and everyone who listened to me.

I had a D&C on March 13th. It been 3 weeks since. I still don't have a baby or a job and March turned out to not be 'so great', but I have learned so much in this short time. Maybe I'm having a life crisis, but I'd like to think I'm taking the experience and allowing it to change me...possibly a career switch that's been a long time coming, a healthier me that listens to my body, and a more centered self. Yes, I'm grasping for something, but at this point, I think that's okay because...

I never had so much to say before this. I'd like to keep writing, and maybe next about the positive impact this has had on my life, and what I hope my 28th year will bring. For now, I just needed to write this down and let it out to the world.

Thanks for listening.


Day 17 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Hot Vinyasa


Run 4 miles
50 abmat sit ups

Day 16 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Bedtime Yoga


Fight Gone Bad
3 rounds AMRAP 1 minute at each station w/1 min rest b/w rounds
Wall Ball #10
Sumo DL HP 65#
Box Jumps
Push Press #65
Row (meters)

Round 1
19 (step ups)
Round 2
40 (box jumps)
Round 3
19 (step ups)

Day 15 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Bedtime Yoga


Day 14 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Hot Yoga


Day 13 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Bedtime Yoga


Day 12 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Vinyasa w/Katie & Mom at Bally's


5 Rounds
10 Power Clean (#55)
10 KB Swings (#30)
10/leg Switch Lunges
10 Wall Ball (#12)
forgot timer...

Building Circuit
10 Chest to Bar Push Ups
10 Reverse Flys
10 Dips
while partner does...
Overhead Medicine Ball Sit Ups
Side to Sides w/MB
(3 rounds increasing by 5/round)

Day 11 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Bedtime Yoga


Circuit Workout
no rest between exercises w/in round, but rest before each 200m row
Row 200m
Front Lunges 100m, Sprint 100m
Back Lunges 100m, Sprint 100m
3 rounds

Row 200m
TRX Squats, TRX Squat Row, TRX Curl
3 rounds

Row 200m
10 push up (elbows in)
plank (30 secs)
50 mountain climbers (25/foot)
3 rounds

Row 200m
Feet on Medicine Ball, 10 push up (elbows in) to pike
Side Plank w/arm twist (10/side)
3 rounds

Practice Chest to Bar Pull Ups w/#3 band

Day 10 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Hot Vinyasa


Day 9 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Vinyasa at Bally's w/Katie


Run 3 miles

Day 8 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Hatha Yoga



Day 7 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Bedtime Yoga


Day 5 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Vinyasa Yoga


Run 3 miles

Day 4 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Bed Time Yoga (20 mins)


Day 3 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Hot Vinyasa
Bedtime Yoga (20 minute)


3 mile run

Day 2 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Bedtime Yoga (20 minute)

Friday, March 23, 2012


done with Kate B.

jump rope

Interval Time set to 40/15
Set 1 (x3)
KB Upright Row w/Sumo Squat Twist (alternating sides)
Prisoner Lunges
KB Swings
Lunges and Bella Twist

Set 2
Clean & Press, Squat Press
Mountain Climbers
Squat Leaps
Plank Variation (Side Plank to Push Up, Side Plank to Push Up)

Day 1 of 30 day Yoga Journey
Hot Vinyasa

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


5 rounds
row 400 meters
20 wall ball shots
15 medicine ball cleans
10 knees to elbows


3 Rounds of:
1000M Run
10 Muscle-ups (from knees + jump)
100 Squats


1000M Row
Front Squat 5-5-5 (65#)
1000M Row
Front Squat 5-5-5 (65#)


5 Rounds of:
40M Overhead Walk 55#
30 Wallball Shots 12#
40M Barbell Farmer Carry 40#


10 Rounds of:
10 Pull-ups (assisted blue + red)
10 Dips (assisted red)
10 Sit-ups
10 Squats


10 Rounds of:
15 assisted pull ups
(blue + red band)

Run 2 miles


5 Rounds of:
120 Single-unders
30 Box Jumps 20"
20 Kettlebell Swings 25#


"HELEN" 3 Rounds of:
Run 400M
21 Kettlebell Swing 30#
12 Pull-ups


30 Clean & Jerk 55#

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


1 Rep Max
Power Clean 80#
Overhead Squat 55#
Chest Press 70#

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


5 Rounds
Run 800M
25 Towel pull-ups (w/band)
50 Push-ups



3 Rounds
15 Dumbell Thrusters @20#
10 GHD Sit ups
20 Abmat Sit ups

Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Run 100m (10x's) w/90sec rest


Crossfit Foundations

500m Row
40 Squats
30 AbMat Sit-ups
20 Push Ups (chest to ground)
10 Pull Ups (blue band)


3 mile run

living room workout
Set 1
Lateral Raises @5# (15/3)
Front Shoulder Raises @5# (15/3)
DB Overhead Press @10# (15/3)
Push Ups (10/3)
Switch Lunges (40/3)
Squats: 10 full squats, 10 pulse squats (60 total/3)
Tricep Kickbacks @10# (12/3)
Bicep Curls @15# (12/3)

Set 2
1 Minute Plank (3)
1 Minute Side Plank (3/side)


Run 4 miles @9:15 pace

Thursday, January 26, 2012



Bicep Curls (12/3)
Tricep Extensions (12/3)
Chest Press (12/3)

*cardio circuit courtesy of

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


SB Chest Press @20#DB/hand (15/3)
KB Swings @25# (20/3)
Squat (step up to box) and Knee Lift (round 1 R, round 2 L, Round 3: Squat Pulse w/alternating Knee Lift)
BOSU Squat Press @15# (12/3)

Arc Trainer


Jump Rope 2 mins
Walking Lunges
Tip Toe Walk
Heel Walk

4 Rounds as fast as you can w/no rest
500m Rowing Machine
10 pushups (rounds 1 & 2); 10 Burpees (rounds 3 & 4)
20 box jumps
30 Abmat Sit-ups

Thursday, January 19, 2012



Assisted Pull-up (as many as you can/3)
Seated Low Row @40# (15/3)
Leg Raises on Incline Bench (15/3)
Straight Arm Standing Lat Pull-Downs @25# (15/3)
Cable Machine Curls @20# (15/3)

Smith Machine Inverted Pull-up (as many as you can/2)
Smith Machine Dips (20/2)
Straight Bar Curls @30# (12/2)
Burpees (as many as you can/2)
Tricep Push-ups (12/3)

Run 2 miles

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Set 1
minimal rest between
KB Swings 20# (15/3)
Up Right Row and Twist 20#KB (15/3)
Prisoner Get Ups (15/3)
KB Lunge Press & Side Twist @20# (15/3)

Set 2
10/50 for 12 rounds
Clean & Press @30#
Squat & Press 15#DB
Squat Leaps
3 Tier Push ups (drop down and stagger up for two)
Reverse Pull Ups using on TRX (hold at top and then back down, up fast)

Set 3
5 Butt Kicks, 1 Squat Jump, 5 Butt Kicks, 1 Squat Jump, 5 Butt Kicks, 1 Squat
10 High Knees, 1 Squat Jump, 10 High Knees, 1 Squat Jump, 10 High Knees, 1 Squat Jump
5 Butt Kicks, 1 Squat Jump, 5 Butt Kicks, 1 Squat Jump, 5 Butt Kicks, 1 Squat
10 High Knees, 1 Squat Jump, 10 High Knees, 1 Squat Jump, 10 High Knees, 1 Squat Jump

Saturday, January 14, 2012



Set 1
Weighted Walking Lunges @15#DB/hand (down one side of the gym and back)
Bench Press on SB @20#DB/Hand (15/3)
Mountain Climbers (until partner it done...about 60)

Set 2
Bicep Curl Shoulder Press @12.5#DB/hand (15/3)
Squat @50# (20/3)
Wide Row @12.5#DB/hand (15/3)

Set 3
set interval timer to 10/40
Push Ups
Russian Twists @12#KB
Standing Side Bend @45#plate (L side, R side)/Trunk Twists @25#plate (last set)

Set 4
set interval timer to 10/40
Skull Crushers on SB @20#bar
Standing Alternating Fly @5#DB/passing between each hand

Run 2 miles

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


interval timer set 30/10
Set 1 (3x's)
Clean and Press, Squat Press @ 30#
Side to Side Donkey Kicks with 2 Jack Push Ups
Roll Outs on the SB
Plank (round 1: L side, round 2: R side, round 3: standard)

Set 2 (2x's) not timed
Dips on riser (until partner is done)
Chest Press on SB @ 20#DB/hand (15)
Side Plank, Bicep Curl @ 20# on Pulley Station (15)
Standing Twists @25#plate (until partner is done)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


5 min WU

Set 1 - 2 Rounds
TRX Row 4-2-1 (10) + TRX Full Row (10)
BOSU Push Ups 4-2-1 (8) + SB Full Push Ups (8)
Get Ups @10# 10/side
Forward Lunge, 3 Squats, Forward Lunge (repeat to end of room - 1 set)
Lateral Raises @ 5# (15 - 1 set)
Arnolds @ 5# (20 - 1 set)

Set 2 - 2 Rounds
Split Squat @ 20# hold bottom, come up and back down quick (10/leg)
One Legged Squat Jump (12)
One Legged Dead Lift @ 20# (10/leg)
Sumo Squat @ 20# (20)

20 mins of cardio


Set 1 - 2 Rounds
Interval Timer set to 10/50 (seconds of rest/seconds of work)
Moving Jump Squats (back and forth)
Double Kettlebell Swing to Reverse Lunge
Sumo Squat w/Leg Raise @ 30#
10 High Knees, 10 Mountain Climbers

Set 2 - TRX (2 Rounds)
Interval Timer set to 20/30 (seconds of rest or transition/seconds of work)
Pull Ups
One Legged Push Up, come back to standing position w/each and Knee Raise
One Legged Deadlift w/Knee Raise

Set 3 - TRX Abs (2 Rounds)
Interval Timer set to 20/30 (seconds of rest or transition/seconds of work)
Plank to Mountain Climbers (1 min total, 30 secs/)
Plank to Knee Tucks
Plank to Knee Tucks to Push Up (10 total)

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Set 1
1 push up, 2 alt lunges, sprint to end of room and moving side lunge back to start
2 push ups, 4 alt lunges, " " " " " " "
3 push ups, 6 alt lunges, " " " " " " "
Set 2 - TRX
One Legged Knee Tuck w/a Push Up to Deadlift (10)
TRX Split Squat (5/leg)
start back at Set 1 (do 2x's)

Set 3
Chest Press on SB @ 20#DB/hand (20/2)
Abs w/Sand Bag on Knees (15/2)
Cable Pulley @ 15# Flyes, Curls, Tricep Extensions (20/20/20 x 2)

Medicine Ball Squat Press & Throw @ 15# (20/1)

Set 4 - TRX
Squat and Row (15/2)
10 High Knees, 1 Burpee and Sprint to other side of room
Renegade Row @ 15#DB/hand (12/2)
10 High Knees, 1 Burpee and Sprint to other side of room

TRX Plank Knee Tucks (10/3...add push ups every 4 Tucks)

30 mins of cardio


interval time set 4 rounds x 50/10 (50 seconds of work w/10 seconds of rest)

Row Clean & Press, Squat & Press
Ugi Push Up
Lunge & Press & Switch
Reverse Dips

2x Squat Jump, Tuck Jump & Switch Lunge
Switch Press Up & Knee Tuck
Switch Lunge & Kick
2 Jumps Forward, Burpee, 2 Jumps Backwards

*from BODYROCKtv